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9th-Apr-2008 11:40 pm
I just translated a kind of "Interview" in which Tetsu answered questions that were sent to him. The original japanese version can be read on his mixi blog. 
Please give credit to me as the translator if you use this english version anywhere else and I don't give a guarantee for the 100% correctness of my translation. (Please notice that I'm not a native english-speaker as well...)

Q.Tetsu-san, what music do you listen to?
A.Well, I'm not going to mention 90 percent of the Bands I´m listening to everyday. I'll try to name some exept those, though. Basically I don't listen to anything exept "Emo". I like "P.T.P.", no matter how often I see them in concert, it never get's old. I like "All that remains" or "Bullet for my valentine" or "Story of the year" as well. That's about it, I guess. Since I also like "Evanescence" I've been to their concerts, too.

Q.Tetsu-san, what kind of fashion do you wear?
A.It feels like I answered this before already, but basically exept for Visual Kei I like suits. I often wear suits.
I like kind of "strong" clothes.
Don't get me wrong, I also often wear plain jeans and T-Shirts.

Q.Tetsu-san, what kind of women do you like?
A.Well, I don't have a favourite type.
If you ask me if I prefer cute or beautiful girls, I'd definately say cute.
I don't really like strong women.
It's not that I hate them, though.
It's just, REALLY strong women, see? If they're REALLY strong, they don't need me at all, got me?
Women that seem strong but are actually tender...I think that's quite cute. 

Q.Do you like older or younger women?
A.I don't care at all. I used to only have interest in women older than me, but now I don't care. I don't have any interest in age. I don't mind how many years older or younger she should be, but I'm neither into really old women nor little girls. I just don't care.   

Q.How old were you when you started making music?
A.It's a secret how old I was. But I'm down to about 10 years, maybe.

Q.Do you like sweets?
A.I really do.

Q.Please hook up with me.
A.Okay. If you're confident enough not to lose your brain cells by getting to know me, please feel free to do so. I won't take responsibility.

Q.I want to die.
A.I guess everyone feels like dying sometimes.
Have you ever lost a person that was important to you?
The meaning of the word "death" is understanding the loss of a really important, dear person for the very first time. I don't know how hard it is for you right now, but please bear it until you understand the meaning of "dying". If you already understood it and still feel like wanting to die, go on with it.
But you should know about the pain and sadness of the people that you are important to.
Don't you have such a person?
If you don't, how many people told me already they want to die?
You could just disappear without anybody noticing.
Come on, don't you think you told me because you somehow want me to hold you back?
If it's like that, stay strong.
I live with the feeling I could die, too.   
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