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1st-Jul-2008 11:24 am - new band
hand star
It seems like that Atsushi has a new band already. It's called Jewel.

LJ community
13th-May-2008 09:12 pm - Bad news about julius
hand star
The band will disband on June 27th.
<there is a message from them on the OHP.
9th-Apr-2008 11:40 pm - Interview
I just translated a kind of "Interview" in which Tetsu answered questions that were sent to him. The original japanese version can be read on his mixi blog. 
Please give credit to me as the translator if you use this english version anywhere else and I don't give a guarantee for the 100% correctness of my translation. (Please notice that I'm not a native english-speaker as well...)

6th-Apr-2008 11:56 pm - Introduction

Name: Astrid
Age: 18
Location: Germany
Favorite member: 哲/Tetsu
Favorite song: Against all of you
Other favorite bands: Luna Sea, 雅-miyavi-, ガゼット, The Dresden Dolls, Kagrra, and many more
If you could meet the band what would you say or ask?: ジュリアスの音楽は本当に気に入ったので、これからも頑張ってください!/ I got really into julius' music so keep going!  
What do you think of the community?: At first I was surprised that julius actually have a LJ community already even though they didn't release very much stuff yet, but I'm glad that they're being supported! And it seems that most members actually know japanese and are far from being ridicilous fangirls, which is great! ♪
Do you have any ideas for the community?: I'm new so I didn't have any suggestions yet, but that might change. ^^
Other: I hope we get along well, I rarely join LJ communitys so please be kind and forgiving. XD;;;

13th-Aug-2007 02:00 am - Introduction
Welcome to the first and fan community on livejournal dedicated to the band Julius. I have always admired ZEN’s work in Brand Φ  and found Julius by following ZEN from there. Julius has a wonderful dark style and a very promising future. Membership is moderated, but please feel free to join. If you have any questions or comments, leave me a message here.
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