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imitationscars's Journal

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julius Fan Community

Julius began in early 2007. They had their first live at baba area March 19th, and also giving a live only single called "imitation scars" with one track entitled the same. They have a lot of releases planned for this year.

With their dark theme, and concept of unbalance, this band surely has something interesting to offer in the future.

Other info; ZEN was a former member of a very popular session band called Brand Φ.


L to R
Ba. Masumi / Gt. ZEN / Vo. Tetsu/ Gt. Atsushi / Dr. Iro

Community Rules
o1) Do not start rumors, or start drama of any kind.
o2) Do not post fake live reports.
o3) All media (pictures, music, etc) must be friends locked, or it will be deleted after the first warning.
o4) Do not advertise your communities here, there is a place for that.
o5) No elitist attitudes here, we will not tolerate it at all. If you have something intelligent to say, do it without insulting others.
o6) Respect the staff first and foremost, and also your fellow community members. So no member bashing at all.
o7) Post a introduction, we'd love to get to know you better.

Intro Post Guideline
Favorite member:
Favorite song:
Other favorite bands:
If you could meet the band what would you say or ask?:
What do you think of the community?:
Do you have any ideas for the community?:
Other:(insert whatever else you'd like us to know here)

We are in no way shape or form directly affiliated to Julius.
We are not a official community, simply ran by fans for fans. We in no way mean this community any harm to the band and only made it in hopes to extend their fandom beyond Japan. All images used here are without permission all copyrights are to Julius. Anything posted by members are their responsibility only, will do our best to prevent anything harmful to julius or the members of this community. Thank you.

Contact Julius

E-mail // info@julius.vc

- coming soon -